Finnish martech companies listed by MarkkinointiKollektiivi – Supermetrics and Smartly leading the way

19.1.2022 10:05
Toni Rajamäki
The Finnish Martech Landscape was published for the second time by MarkkinointiKollektiivi.

The Finnish Martech Landscape 2022 research has been published. The research is conducted by MarkkinointiKollektiivi, the publisher behind MarkkinointiUutiset.

The research lists all marketing technology companies originating from Finland, divided into six categories based on Chief Marketing Technologist’s global martech landscape.

The reason behind the list is to help marketing professionals to find new partners and services from Finland which is full of promising martech companies. In this year’s list there are 169 companies when the year before the number was 168. The biggest categories in Finland are Content & Experience (47 companies) and Social & Relationships (42 companies). The four other categories are Advertising & Promotion, Data, Management and Commerce & Sales.

Supermetrics and Smartly are some of the most well-known Finnish martech companies who are leading the way. From the last year’s list there are some significant companies missing due to bankruptcy, like highly touted Neverthink ja Verto Analytics.

Santtu Konttila, founder of MarkkinointiKollektiivi, says the report gives marketers insights into Finnish martech field and tools to develop their companies’ solutions and services.

– It’s an honor to update this list of Finnish martech companies. Some of the listed companies will be the biggest Finnish martech skyrockets in the near future. We believe this report will help marketers to approach the martech field, which offers a lot of opportunities, but might seem hard to comprehend, Kottila said.